What are UTM codes

UTM Codes are regular links that are provided with variables. These variables contain information such as: the source, the medium, the campaign name and possibly the search term and/or which part of the content was clicked (content). Using links with UTM codes provides insight into the performance of campaigns in which the link is used. Read more about UTM Tracking.

Optimization becomes easier

The use of UTM Codes provides a deeper insight into:
  • performance by source, medium and campaign;
  • the target audience using the links;
  • the amount of subscribers or sales;
  • which links/buttons perform best;
  • visitor engagement.

About UTM Star

UTM Star is developed by professionals who are active in digital marketing. The idea started when the number of Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel files grew exponentially and the overview was lost. UTM Star's mission is therefore a solution to easily create, manage and share UTM codes with the aim of gaining more insights into campaign performance. Learn more about UTM Star.

The features UTM Star offers to help you track the campaign performance.


Because UTM tracking can sometimes be quite complex, UTM Star offers you the right toolset:

  • UTM Code generator
  • URL Shortener
  • Storage of UTM codes (unlimited)
  • Easy search of UTM codes
  • Duplicate and reuse UTM codes
  • Edit saves UTM codes
  • Exporting UTM Codes
  • Dashboard with performance per UTM code (measurement done by UTM Star)
  • Extensive dashboard with more insight (using Google Analytics)
  • UTM Support


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Manage and replicate UTM codes
  • We are currently using UTM Star to better understand the performance of the many campaigns we launch. In addition, it is versatile to use in an analytical way to monitor visitor numbers, specific actions and buttons. The simplicity and quick insight make the program very valuable.
    J. Doornbos
    Janssen Van Kouwen Automotive B.V.